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A South Florida PBS Show

About “TechVersify”

As billions of people interact with digital technologies every single day, many struggle to balance real life obligations with the increasing demands of constant connectivity. A new show on spearheaded by South Florida PBS, “TechVersify,” aims to educate viewers in the art of using technology for maximum personal and professional benefit.

The show was recently selected as a finalist in the social entrepreneurship category of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Annual “2016 Technology Leader of the Year Award.”

The series tells the story of the digital age through the lens of modern neuroscience. Hosted by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Eva Ritvo, diverse human characters such as women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community share their perspectives, illuminating how technology can have both pleasurable and miserable effects on our lives.

TechVersify In The News

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TechVersify: 26min Broadcast Special Edition TV Show – PBS Television Network (South Florida)


Frank Steel
TechVersify and Gulliver
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Meet the Cast

Eva Ritvo, M.D.
The Psychiatric Perspective

Lang Dobson
The Urban Perspective

Lukkas Wolf
The Transgender Perspective

Joy Hepburn
The Disabilities Perspective

Daniella Veras
The Latina Perspective

Matt Haggman
The Funder Perspective 

Geeta Nayyer, M.D.
The MedTech Perspective 

Dr. Sonjia Kenya
The Sexual Perspective

Jessica Kizorek
The Creator Perspective

Michael Hall
The Diversity Perspective

Rebekah Monson
The LGBT Perspective 

Mike Firmature
The Hacker Perspective

Ella Edwards
The Youth Perspective


Roll Credits

  • Jessica Kizorek
  • Tabatha Mudra
  • Max Duke
  • Eros Yabut
  • Vanessa Castillo
  • Jacqueline Romano
  • Daniella Veras
  • Lang Dobson
  • Diane Sánchez
  • Johnny Regan
  • Mike Firmature
  • Jeronimo Terife
  • David Maximé
  • Joshua Hoisington
  • Labrat Music
  • Keba
  • Clara Serrano
  • Moses Williams
  • Suman Subedi
  • Dr Eva Ritvo
  • Craig Calvert
  • Bill Burdette
  • RockOrange
  • Alex Escher
  • Hugh Forrest
  • Andrea Fuentes
  • Kelly Krause
  • Ted Milford
  • Van Jones
  • Michelle Villalobos
  • David Rock
  • Dolores Sukhdeo
  • Nicholas Carr
  • Pippa Seichrist
  • Dan Gilbert
  • Bill Kizorek
  • Randi Zuckerberg
  • Marci Alt
  • Megan Smith
  • Cindy Goodman
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Nancy Dahlberg
  • Jeff Walker
  • Jane Wooldridge
  • Brendan Burchard
  • US Embassy Tokyo
  • Seth Godin
  • Vanessa Oshima
  • Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Misato Oi
  • Ellen Bristol
  • Matt Herren
  • Felecia Hatcher
  • Richard Schuchts
  • Alex DeCarvalho
  • Andrew Sherry
  • Meghan Walsh
  • Hopi
  • Noel Morton
  • Dimitry Chamy
  • Faquiry
  • Cala Diaz
  • Denise Jacobs
  • Pablo Landi
  • Pandwe Gibson
  • Erik Nunez
  • Joe Laratro
  • Ron Mann
  • Miri Rodriguez
  • Xavier Gonzalez
  • Laura Maydon
  • Shelly Baer
  • Maxeme Tuchman
  • Sandy Skelaney
  • Luis Duco
  • Jessie Boutique
  • Nelson Millian
  • Brett Hudson
  • Suise Taylor
  • Gulliver Schools
  • Center For Social Change
  • South by Southwest
  • Gayboorhood
  • Miami Ad School
  • The LAB Miami
  • 360 Spaces Wynwood
  • Knight Foundation
  • Women’s Success Summit
  • Miami Children’s Initiative
  • Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Council For Educational Change
  • #W3RTECH
  • eMerge Americas
  • Art Basel
  • West Palm Beach Gay Pride
  • Badass Businesswomen
  • International Women’s Forum
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • United States Japan Council
  • Zulu Shack Creative